1. 1. If authentication codes are checked more than once then the product is fake.

  2. 2. Meditechpharmaceutical.net is the only legit site. Fake website and social media include the following:
    FAKE Website:

    • Meditechpharmaceutical.net

    • Meditechpharmaceutical.com

    • Meditech-pharmaceutical.com

    FAKE Facebook:

    • Meditech Steroid Malaysia

    • Meditech international

    • Muscle Juice Malaysia

    • Meditech HUMAN Pharmaceutical

    • BFNH Steroid Bangladesh

    • NO pain NO gain

    • Meditech Pharmaceutical Philippines - Distributor

    FAKE Instagram

    • ma.tt1059

    • steroid_king_

    • meditech_bn

    • meditech_bodyengineers

    • meditech_steroids.china

How to identify counterfeit product

  • The cap on vials must have embedded Meditech logo on them

  • Scanning QR Code on the label must link to www.meditechphamarceutical.net ONLY!

  • All Meditech products have 2 barcodes: one visible and another can be found after scratching the security label. To verify must use both codes

  • The authentication codes cannot be checked more than once. If check more than once will automatically show fake.

  • Authenticity codes improved with security non transfer VOID technology to avoid scammers.